about me

My name is Julieann Marie Cunningham.

You can call me Julie.

I am a Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Lactation Education Counselor, Birth Advocate, and most importantly a Mother. 

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I received my calling to be a Birth Worker shortly after I gave birth to my daughter, Natalia, in 2016. Shortly after I became certified, the meaning of “Motherhood” took a whole new meaning. I lost my mom’s physical presence here on Earth and gained a beautiful spirit to help guide me through this life. 

Losing my mom helped me understand the important role we hold as mothers, and I feel even more inspired to be a helping hand in bringing life into this world.

I am from Portola, CA and have lived in San Diego for 8 years. I graduated from Portola High School and continued my studies at Brigham Young University. After moving to San Diego and giving birth to my daughter I furthered my education. 

I received my Doula training from DONA International, and I am currently attending school for my Nursing degree with the desire to become a midwife. 

my daughter, Natalia xx

My mom’s name is Dianna. 

Simply, birth is completely divine.

The Greek origin of Dianna is “heavenly divine”. You may notice throughout my website I use DIVINE throughout. 

Additionally, it is a beautiful tribute to my beautiful mother.


When I am not supporting families, 

I am enjoying the outdoors with my family, paddle boarding on the bay, relaxing at the beach, studying, playing with my pups, or traveling across the world. 


my growing family